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Getting Started

On your first visit you should bring with you the following:

•  A prescription from your doctor (if your insurance company requires it)
•  Your insurance card showing your ID and group number
•  Your date of birth
•  Co-payment
•  Patient information and registration forms. You may download them here.
•  Your doctor may have referred you for a specific reason. To assist in your treatment, please fill out the appropriate form: back, neck, lower extremitydisabilities of the arm, shoulder and hand.

On your first visit you will be asked about your medical history and what you are presently being referred for. We will do a thorough examination and discuss our findings with you along with a reasonable treatment plan. Most conditions require our seeing you initially several times per week and tapering off as you improve. We generally provide detailed instructions of what you may do on your own to speed your recovery. We are committed to getting you back to your normal daily routine as quickly as possible.

Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and no perfumes.Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and no perfumes.

Telehealth Video Appointments

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