October 11, 2014 Testimonials No Comments

“Despite nearly a year of traditional physical therapy and rest following a hamstring tear in 2007, I was still unable to return to my passion of long distance running. I desperately sought a fresh approach to the injury when I found Linda. Within two weeks of working with Linda, my hamstring injury was completely healed! Linda’s approach to injury is directed to the root of the problem with results in not only healing but prevention of injury and improved performance. Her solid foundation in traditional PT coupled with her vast training and knowledge in several different therapeutic techniques made not only her stand apart from the rest but the results of her therapy stand out from the rest. Through working with my bio-mechanics, posture, and lifestyle, Linda has been THE greatest reason behind my success as a sub-elite marathoner, winner of over 30 marathons and ultra-marathons, and multiple personal and course records.”


Written by Pathways Physical Therapy