December 3, 2014 Testimonials No Comments

“I started seeing Linda in October 2011 for my left hip. My hip started bothering me about 10 years ago and I had to give up jogging. I still walked nearly every day. Then in the last couple of years, I had to cut my walking back to every other day or it would bother my hip. As the months went by, I had to make my walks shorter and less frequent. Then a couple months prior to seeing Linda, it started becoming painful to climb stairs. I had to give up climbing the three flights of stairs in the parking garage after work and started taking the elevator most days. I am 49 years old and thought, ‘I’m too young for a hip replacement,’ and went to see Linda. After about four months of physical therapy, my hip was no longer bothering me. I was so excited to be able to climb stairs again. I don’t have to limit my walking and have started to do some moderate interval walk-jogs. At times when my hip feels off, I do a move Linda taught me that puts it back into a healthy position and go on with my day.

I’ve told quite a few friends about the work Linda does. It’s sad when someone seems to have their mind set on surgery and won’t consider other options, or at least try something different before surgery. For me, a few months of physical therapy beats hip surgery (and further damage from improper wear) any day.”

Written by Pathways Physical Therapy