November 11, 2014 Testimonials No Comments

Intra-oral work. Why would I want someone working in my mouth? I asked those same questions before I was introduced to this amazing work at Pathways Physical Therapy.

45 years of headaches stemming from an injury suffered as a child, and numerous migraines every year, sent me searching for relief. Add to that existing problem a herniated cervical disc and I was more than willing to try just about anything. After 35 years of ‘just about anything,’ including many different types of bodywork, chiropractic care and other modalities, I was fortunate to find Pathways Physical Therapy.

Linda and Kathy’s skilled hands and incredible understanding of the anatomy of the body including the fascia lead to results I did not count on or expect. For the first time since I was eight years old I have spent a year without experiencing a single migraine headache and I awake most every single day without constant tension in my neck. I am thrilled with the results and can’t speak highly enough of the work I received at Pathways from both Linda and Kathy. Get yourself in good hands and hopefully you too can be amazed and pain free. Those cranial bones and mouth muscles are connected to the neck after all!”

Written by Pathways Physical Therapy